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Tomi Kanalec - Robocops

First drops of sweat

Finally we got some sun, so we were able to start with our work in full swing. Stone blocks started to get some shapes, or better said freshly carved surfaces. To memorize this starting moments of fresh sweat here are some photo moments. We also managed to fill our crazy evenings with Slovenian night, drinking Slovenian Teran with testy slices of prosciutto.

Bon Appetit.

Lazy Photographers.



Tina Kocjan - It's time to relax

Connection established

On Monday we started working. It was a rainy day, but that didn’t stop us. We had presentations of IP program and all three participating institutions. At the evening we made working groups and plan for the whole week. After the dinner we went down town to participate on the biggest festivity of Pučišća the day of St. Jeronima.

This day our moto became Hop-jan. Check it out:


The group from Sežana before departure.Photo: Matic Gabriel

Everybody on board

It wasn’t easy but we did it!
Most of the participants arrived in the late afternoon. The first to arrive were the students from Split around 17.00 pm and after them students and professors from Sežana at 19.00 pm. 

We were preocupied about the arrival of the Spanish participants. Nobody knew for sure they would make it! Their plane landed at the Split airport at 22.45pm and the last ferry from Split to Supetar on Brač left the port at 23.59pm. After 15 hours of checking in and out from Oviedo to Barcelona, from Barcelona to Zagreb and from Zagreb to Split they had to race from the Split airport to the port for the last ferry. In one hour they managed to pick up their luggage, get a taxi (that usually takes half an hour), buy ferry tickets and walk on the last ferry just before departure. At least they had 45 minutes of relaxing easy sailing journey.

Damjan Švara and Anton Marn, professors from Sežana, were waiting for them, 5 Spanish students and 2 professors, in Supetar. What a relief when they saw the familiar faces of Augustin Garcia Benito and Miguel Angel Melchor. They arrived in Pučišča at 01.30am and settled in their accommodations, exshausted.

Now, we are ready to start.

Maja Prešeren

Erasmus IP-Brač 2013

The intensive program with 25 students and 11 profesors from Oviedo, Sežana and Split is about to begin. Students and professors are expected to arrive  at the village Pučišća on Brač on Sunday evening, 29th of September.

The Intensive program with workshops, lectures, practical work and field trips is going to start on Monday with the presentation of the project and the three participating institutions:

  • VSŠ-Višja strokovna šola Sežana (

Our host is »Klesarska škola« from Pučišća, the traditional carving school (