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Finally first road trip

This day was amazing. We went to Trogir and Split. I like the way we travel because we go by van, by ferry and by bus. Trogir has fantastic heritage, with a sobverious castle with sightly with stone. We were in a fantastic museum too, that was a village; i can’t imagine what living there is.. One of the most emotional thing was at the return. We were in the van and the radio was switch on. Suddenly one song started to play and we started to whistle the melody. We were tired but happy at the same time.

Alisa Gonzalez


After two days in a little white room, the sun and the wind in my face this morning was very grateful.

The days ago when i saw out of the window . The three lines of this place : white stone, blue sea , and the green tree gave me a lot of peace and the power for getting better.

Today in Split my eyes went from one thing to an other. A Lot of information in a few time and to many things to remember. At all the corners and small streets I found new treasures. And I felt the need to touch, smell and ear all of them. But the day was to short.

Every stone has it’s own history.

Yvi Catherine Brandt


It is interesting to see, during the evening meetings, the stone cavers reaction when even the smallest wine drop touches a stone surface. They all go nuts running for some water to clean it immediately.

This is because if they don´t hurry, the mark will remain.

Even the strongest has weakness, that may become scars.

Marina Eiro

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