Nuša Švara - Morning view

Probably the last sunny day

We spent most of the day in the classroom learning about the 3D programme Rhinoceros. Boštjan, our 3D instructor, introduced us the programme’s essentials and helped some of us to start designing our products. Although we worked indoors for all day, we enjoyed it and felt relaxed. Some of us continued sketching ideas, others were already hand – crafting with paper and modelling clay. We want to make the best presentation for our client before we start stone carving the final product.

We started to work on the additional assignment for our final project – the magazine. We made few interviews with our professors. Some of us went discovering the city and it’s attractions for the movie and reportage. The day ended with a beautiful view on illuminated city and it’s reflection in the sea. And then the evening begins…

Nuša Švara



And another memory of our mentor, who went back home yesterday.


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